Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

TCA takes a proactive approach to advance ESG goals, the following are some highlights:

Embracing environmental protection - Real Estate and Construction

TCA works to ensure our partners adopt environmental policies that are well defined, and also demonstrate commitment to sustainable development and responsible environmental stewardship.

Case Study

TCA partner is in the business of making building construction fast, profitable and climate friendly. It revolutionises the real estate industry with a green construction technology. It also enables the digitalisation of the entire value chain from design to production to recycling. It turns construction into production, and its manufacturing process is CO2-friendly. Its buildings are wood based and built with renewable building materials instead of energy-intensive materials such as steel or concrete. Imti’s products can be taken apart and reassembled, reused or recycled into building materials, thereby saving gigatons of CO2 emission.

Creating social impact – Education

TCA is a founding partner of EdQuisition, which aims to create positive impact for throughout the age spectrum from improving language proficiency, re-training, etc.  Education is an area whereby technology could be deployed to reach a wide audience, complement, and enhance existing teaching systems.

Case Study

Bells Academic Group (a strategic partner within TCA’s EdQuisition investment platform). Bells’ strength lies in its employability driven model. As a training provider with more than 12 years of experience in the employability space, the organization has been active in getting people back to work. Bells understands that the next frontier in this journey is in equipping professionals with the skills to be able to rejoin the workforce and increase career opportunities. Through emerging skills upskilling as well as certifications in an effective, efficient manner, Bells enables participants to be upskilled in a manner which allows them to meet the changing needs of the economy. Bells also understand the needs of the professionals intimately and is able to craft training programmes and methodologies that suits them and alleviates their pain points. This training is therefore more likely to effect change than cookie cutter mould training. Finally, to support workers who have lost jobs or are displaced by technological disruption, Bells’ tech enabled community forms a crucial pillar in getting them job opportunities in addition to allowing them access to skills. This is through an active relationship between Government Agencies, Corporations, Credentialing bodies, Training Providers and Professionals.

Adopting corporate governance and compliance

Effective governance begins with a management team that has the right skills and high ethical standards. TCA’s management consists of seasoned investment professionals with decades of training and experience with some of the largest international financial institutions. It is also building a senior advisory team of industry veterans that helps to enhance governance. As a properly licensed entity regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, TCA is committed to a strong compliance culture that engulfs Senior Management Oversight and Responsibility, Policies and Procedures, Internal Audit and Compliance Reviews, Transactions Monitoring, Record Keeping, and Staff Screening & Training.