TCA contributed in Esperanza workshop "Catalysing Innovation with EdTech"
On 29 March 2022 TCA participated in Esperanza's stakeholder engagement workshop. Esperanza is an NGO founded by Mr John Tsang, formerly Financial Secretary and Chief Executive candidate of Hong Kong. Since his retirement in 2018, Mr Tsang has actively engaged in a number of diverse activities including founding Esperanza, a non-profit organisation that build communities of kindred spirits to reimagine and co-create Hong Kong’s future. One of Esperanza's missions is to “Reimagine Education”. Mr Tsang is also the Vice Chairman of Ion Pacific, a financial institution that specialises in technology investments. TCA is an active member of Esperanza and has recently contributed to an Esperanza study on looking into how we can develop Hong Kong as an education innovation and technology hub in the Greater Bay Area. 

On the 29 March event titled “Catalysing Innovation with EdTech", keynote speakers from Zurich-based Jacobs Foundation, EduCapital and EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) were invited to share how they work with VCs and universities to support the research and development of EdTech solutions. There were also four breakout rooms for members and participants to share their views on the recommendations related to these areas:

TCA’s founder Mr Stanley Chin was invited as a panelist to share his insights in the Funding Support discussion, which focused on the following issues: